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Rebecca Romijn Flashing Her Pussy While Nude

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Now here’s a photo that shows just how enticing Rebecca Romijn is even when she isn’t flaunting her strongest assets, like her height or her juicy rack.  You don’t see how statuesque she is here because she’s sitting on the floor, and her knees are drawn up and covering up her yummy bosoms.  So what then is keeping you riveted to this image, and making you drool like the unabashed horndog that you are?  Well, she’s sitting there totally naked, and while she may be covering up her titties, her pussy is in full view and indeed, the very center of attention in this photo.  Her clit is shaved smooth, and those yummy pussylips are clearly inviting you to give them a nibble.  Whether it was John Stamos, Jerry O’Connell, or someone else she was posing for when she had this naughty nude pic taken, we’re thankful that they’re so careless with it that we now have a copy here for everyone to enjoy!  We’re also the ones who’ve been enjoying this view of her cunny a lot also, almost everyday in fact.  And we also like going to this site to check out even more images of Rebecca Romijn getting down n’ dirty. Check it out if you want to, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.