Rebecca Romijn Naked

For the longest time, this hottie was known by her married name of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and without that added addendum at the end of her real name, she just seems hotter!  That’s probably because there’s no reminder that she’s married to some former sitcom star.  She’s actually married to someone else again, Jerry O’Connell from “Stand By Me” and “Sliders” fame, but at least it’s not as in-your-face as when she took her last husband’s name.  Well, if you’re a fan of hers, you probably know about her marital status, but it’s still okay because we’re here to admire Rebecca Romijn naked, and being married doesn’t change how she looks when she’s in that state!

She’s a Dutch-American whose father is from the Netherlands and whose mother is second-generation Dutch.  Her beautiful blonde looks are perfect for Berkeley, California, where she was born and where she grew up.  She also went to college there, at the University of California at Santa Cruz, but started modelling after her freshman year and never came back the following academic year.  Although a bit reluctant to get into the business at first, she was soon picked up by big league fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Escada.  In 1998, a year after she started, her career was already doing great, as she became one of the hot babes who were chosen to become a Victoria’s Secret catalog model.  Now that’s a sign of hotness indeed, and so was her inclusion in People magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People for 1997.

The year 1998 was a big one for her, as that was the year she had an appearance in her first movie (“Dirty Work”), started hosting MTV’s “House of Style”, and got married to John Stamos, hence being well-known as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, which coincided with her leap into TV and movies.  There’s been no turning back for Rebecca, with steady TV guest spots and movie parts since then.  She’s particularly famous for one role, which is that of Mystique, from the blockbuster “X-Men” trilogy.  This comic-book franchise has a worldwide gross revenue of around $1.6 billion, making it one very successful vehicle for any actor or actress featured prominently in it.  Who can deny that Hugh Jackman has become a star because of Wolverine?  And that’s also the case with Romijn and Mystique, but on a smaller scale.

Rebecca Romijn also appeared in another comic-book adaptation, which was “The Punisher” in 2004, among other films on her resume, and as for her most recent work, she’s been a regular cast member of the TV series “Ugly Betty” for the past two seasons.  Her role there is that of a male-to-female transsexual who’s made the successful transition over to being a woman, and her 5’10” frame is perfect for that kinky part.  If you want to see more of that statuesque body in naughty situations, then just head on over to Rebecca Romijn Naked, where you can see her sexual mystique at its raunchiest.