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Cocksucking The Rebecca Romijn Way

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

While Rebecca Romijn may enjoy playing with dildos a lot, and self-pleasure sessions are a big part of her carnal escapades, there’s just now way that she can live on that alone.  No, she’s also a nice, healthy woman who’s got the sexual appetite of an Amazon, which is what her 5’10” height makes her in the eyes of some people.  And one thing that Rebeccca Romijn loves gobbling down when her appetite gets the better of her is cock.  She’s no vegetarian who can subsist on a diet of dildos up her poontang, she needs some hot, throbbing cockmeat between her lips too, and sometimes she even uses these occasions to have some interesting and artistic photographs done, like the first Rebecca Romijn cocksucking photo here.  It’s a sepia-toned black-and-white shot of her tentatively taking a cock into her mouth, and you know what she’ll do to that boner when she’s got her lips wrapped around it, don’t you?  If you don’t that other pic and her smile as she gets ready to chow down on yet another dick ought to give you a clue.

Don’t you just love Rebecca Romijn and the pleasure she’s giving us as she indulges herself sexually like this?  Well, there’s a lot more where that came from, and you can check it all out when you click on this link!

Rebecca Romijn Enjoys Self Pleasure With Dildos

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Rebecca Romijn has always been self-conscious about her beauty, and People magazine even said that her inclusion in the 50 Most Beautiful People for 1997 was due to her sense of humor about her body and her profession, and not because of her stunning looks.  There’s no doubt that she’s one of the hottest babes ever to grace a Victoria’s Secret catalog, so I wonder why she has to resort to these dildos to pleasure herself, when they can have their pic of any guy out there, and use their cock to give her those sensations that she craves for a lot.  But maybe with her down-to-earth personality, she’s not the type who likes to go out and use her luscious assets to pick up a lot of men, and so using a dildo for self-pleasure is a good option instead.

Or maybe she just really enjoys the sensation of a hard plastic, glass or rubber toy sliding in and out of her pussy, completely controlled by her passions, so that she can go as deep or as fast and as slow as she wants.  The presence of a camera while she’s doing these naughty things is also an added turn-on, probably.  And that’s why we’re lucky enough to have these two images of Rebecca Romijn fucking herself with her adult toys.  As long as she keeps including a camera in her kinky sex games, we’re not going to second-guess this babe and wonder what makes her so horny for vibrators and dildos.  Along with these pics, there are lots more pics of Rebecca Romijn naked and doing raunchy things out there, and you can enjoy them too by clicking on that link.

Rebecca Romijn Flashing Her Pussy While Nude

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Now here’s a photo that shows just how enticing Rebecca Romijn is even when she isn’t flaunting her strongest assets, like her height or her juicy rack.  You don’t see how statuesque she is here because she’s sitting on the floor, and her knees are drawn up and covering up her yummy bosoms.  So what then is keeping you riveted to this image, and making you drool like the unabashed horndog that you are?  Well, she’s sitting there totally naked, and while she may be covering up her titties, her pussy is in full view and indeed, the very center of attention in this photo.  Her clit is shaved smooth, and those yummy pussylips are clearly inviting you to give them a nibble.  Whether it was John Stamos, Jerry O’Connell, or someone else she was posing for when she had this naughty nude pic taken, we’re thankful that they’re so careless with it that we now have a copy here for everyone to enjoy!  We’re also the ones who’ve been enjoying this view of her cunny a lot also, almost everyday in fact.  And we also like going to this site to check out even more images of Rebecca Romijn getting down n’ dirty. Check it out if you want to, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

Rebecca Romijn Shows Off Her Boobs

Wednesday, December 3rd, 2008

It was rumored that Rebecca Romijn once had the nickname of the “Jolly Blonde Giant“, but Rebecca herself has since admitted that she made that up for a laugh.  With her statuesque 5’11” frame and oh-so-sexy body, this hottie is definitely a blonde bombshell, no matter what you call her.  Her athletic, classic look coming from her Dutch heritage, and her fit, tight curves have made her stand out from other models she may have started with.  They’ve also led her to Hollywood, where she’s been cast in roles that really showcase her best assets, like in the blockbuster “X-Men” franchise.  As Mystique, she has to be athletic and confident, and she does that on our screens while being completely naked, except for body make-up and strategically-placed pasties to cover up some of her body parts.  You know those parts, and how they make our pants tighter.

Well, she’s finally granted our wishes this time, by exposing some of those assets we all truly want to see — her yummy boobies!  In these sizzling hot pictures, we can see Rebecca Romijn exposing her awesome rack in different ways.  If you like her being naughty and classy, check out the pic where she’s got a dress on, but it doesn’t have a front and she doesn’t have a bra.  I prefer the close up where her round, jutting boobies are right there in your face, and you even actually manage not to notice hers because of it.  Then there’s a classic topless shot at the beach, where Rebecca Romijn gets wet and wild in the ocean.  They’re all hot, believe me, because Rebecca Romijn absolutely sizzles when she exposes her tits.  They make you want to see more of her, and you can do that when you click on this link to check her out in even raunchier pics and videos!