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Rebecca Romijn Walked Around Naked on Movie Set

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

rebecca romijn naked

Rebecca Romijn realized, when she accepted her role in the X-Men movies, that she would be naked all the time on the movie set. She plays the role of  Mystique, the rogue blue-skinned mutant with shape-shifting abilities. Except for blue body paint and make-up, the role calls for Rebecca to be totally naked for the duration of filming the movie. She would often walk around the set, in between takes, naked, with only the blue body paint to cover her up. She would also have her meals with the cast and crew in the buff.  Of course, it doesn’t hurt that she has the body of a swimsuit model.

rebecca romijn breasts

Rebecca Romijn didn’t seem to mind the nudity the job entailed. What she did mind was that because the shooting the film took a long time, so her skin absorbed the blue body paint that was applied on it. And then she threw up one morning, she discovered that her barf was colored blue.

rebecca romijn boobs

Rebecca Romijn ended up playing the role of Mystique in all three of the X-Men movies. She was naked in all of them. To seem more Rebecca Romijn nude pics, just click on the link.