Rebecca Romijn Shows Off Her Boobs

It was rumored that Rebecca Romijn once had the nickname of the “Jolly Blonde Giant“, but Rebecca herself has since admitted that she made that up for a laugh.  With her statuesque 5’11” frame and oh-so-sexy body, this hottie is definitely a blonde bombshell, no matter what you call her.  Her athletic, classic look coming from her Dutch heritage, and her fit, tight curves have made her stand out from other models she may have started with.  They’ve also led her to Hollywood, where she’s been cast in roles that really showcase her best assets, like in the blockbuster “X-Men” franchise.  As Mystique, she has to be athletic and confident, and she does that on our screens while being completely naked, except for body make-up and strategically-placed pasties to cover up some of her body parts.  You know those parts, and how they make our pants tighter.

Well, she’s finally granted our wishes this time, by exposing some of those assets we all truly want to see — her yummy boobies!  In these sizzling hot pictures, we can see Rebecca Romijn exposing her awesome rack in different ways.  If you like her being naughty and classy, check out the pic where she’s got a dress on, but it doesn’t have a front and she doesn’t have a bra.  I prefer the close up where her round, jutting boobies are right there in your face, and you even actually manage not to notice hers because of it.  Then there’s a classic topless shot at the beach, where Rebecca Romijn gets wet and wild in the ocean.  They’re all hot, believe me, because Rebecca Romijn absolutely sizzles when she exposes her tits.  They make you want to see more of her, and you can do that when you click on this link to check her out in even raunchier pics and videos!

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